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Anime Essentials: 10 Anime Films and Series For Halloween

Charles Webb:

I'm throwing this out there right now: I've never seen a scary anime title before, and I'm not sure there currently is one. The medium is capable of delivering gore and shock, but among the many shows and movies I've seen over the years, not a single one seems to know the visual language for instilling actual fear in its viewers (or at least this viewer). Still, there are quite a few fun/interesting/nervy titles out there worth checking out this week leading up to Halloween. I've tried to provide the best means for seeking out some of these shows and movies--quite a few are readily available, while several are in nebulous states thanks to the changing fortunes of the anime industry over the last few years.

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wishingW3L3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

for a change is nice to see people that knows their anime writing about it. ;)

Even though this is coming from an MTV source the choices are spot on.

Simon_Brezhnev3274d ago

Pretty good list but Gankutsuou is one of the worst animes ive seen. Probably have the dumbest protagonist of all time on that show.