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Through Otaku Eyes / Author's gutsy move reveals truth about manga industry

The Daily Yomiuri's Kanta Ishida writes, "Black Jack ni Yoroshiku (Say Hello to Black Jack) is a popular manga about a conflicted doctor-in-training working at a university hospital. The series triggered a boom in the early 2000s of manga realistically depicting behind-the-scenes action in hospitals and other medical facilities. Along with being adapted into a TV drama, Black Jack ni Yoroshiku was compiled into 13 comic books by Kodansha Ltd.

I say 'was' because they are out of print, and anyone looking to read copies of the series will have to scour secondhand bookstores."

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Flavor3142d ago

An author who used the traditional publishing format to make his success, then cynically turns around and bad mouths the same people who made him who he is when the industry is fighting to survive.. that's not cool.

When your content is mass pirated and given away for free on websites that routinely draw more viewers than many fortune 500 companies, your industry is going to have a problem, why not blame the fans for not wanting to pay for manga?