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Neon Alley Impressions [Capsule Computers]

Travis Bruno of Capsule Computers writes:

"With a number of shows premiering in the future and Viz Media acquiring licenses from Japan such as K, Neon Alley could easily be worth the minimal price of $6.99 as it offers a unique service and while there are a number of small issues that hold it back from being something an anime fan should subscribe to, it is certainly a great way to check out various series in English long before they are meant to be released in stores. While the unique television channel set-up does have a number of limitations such as viewer freedom, its uniqueness helps set it apart as something that harkens back to older days when anime lovers could tune into a channel and watch a set of shows with only minimal commercial interruption."

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masterabbott3275d ago

not a bad looking service i might look into this.

futurefrog3275d ago

horrible service. might as well just be a tv channel

koga883275d ago

Not really horrible, but it really should have some sort of controllable options that allow you to at least pause or rewind during an episode. Still not bad for only $7 a month.