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Capcom's License With Tatsunoko Lapses

CAPCOM USA Senior Vice President and Corporate Officer Christian Svensson revealed on the CAPCOM Unity forums on Tuesday that CAPCOM's rights with Tatsunoko have lapsed, and CAPCOM is no longer allowed to sell the Tatsunoko vs. CAPCOM: Ultimate All-Stars fighting game physically or digitally.

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Lavalamp3525d ago

Going by Sven's comments, the necessary legal effort and costs involved with reaffirming IP licenses, managing middleware, and maintaining partnerships with companies/VAs makes the whole endeavor seem more trouble than it's worth. The game is well past it's marketing and sales prime at this point. Capcom would essentially be losing money just to sell this game again in a channel where most of the possible buyers have already bought the game. I'm still happy that Sven said Capcom was generally pleased with the sales, all things considered.