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Fate/Unlimited Blade Works Blu-ray Review | Anime Reviews

Anime Reviews: "Fate/Stay Night told an intriguing story about Masters (mages) who summon servants and fight alongside them for the coveted HolyFate Unlimited Blade Works Grail. The original Fate/Stay Night anime followed Shiro and his servant Saber as they fought the Holy Grail War. Fate/Unlimited Blade Works (henceforth UBW) follows another route in which Rin’s servant Archer takes the prominent role. The movie presents an alternative story in which Archer is not injured early on in the war and thus manages to actively manipulate other Masters and Servants. Unlike his lenient nature in Fate/Stay, in UBW he takes control of his own fate, betraying Rin and joining one of the other Masters with one purpose in mind – killing Shiro. UBW reveals the true identity of Archer and explains his motive for fighting in the Holy Grail War. His cunningness and surprising prowess in battle shuffle all the cards, changing the course of some of the events in the anime and the overall balance between the Masters. Old contracts between Master and Servant are broken and new alliances are forged in what is essentially a retelling of the Fate/Stay anime with different outcomes and a new ending."

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