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Avatar: Cartoon or Anime? How About Both?

Leviathyn | A subject a of speculation among anime fans and Avatar fans is whether or not it should be considered an anime. There are opinions on both sides, as well as a third that say that it’s both, but the main argument for the” no” side is that because Avatar is made in America, not Japan, it’s a cartoon and not an anime.

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cmurdurr2987d ago

Love this series. Thanks for the read!

Lord_Sloth2987d ago

It feels like an anime so I consider it such, especially after the 1st couple of episodes when they decided to treat Zuko as a serious character.

frjoethesecond2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

It's really quite simple I think.

Things animated in English speaking countries are cartoons.

Things animated in Japan are anime.

Weather or not a CG production is considered a cartoon or an anime depends on how much it looks like one.
Ghost in the Shell: SAC is a good example as it combines CG models and digital painting.

Moncole2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

Avatar is a cartoon since its made in the west.