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Naruto Returns to Toonami on December 1st

The number one hyperactive knuckle head ninja returns to American TV.

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tayz3259d ago

joy to the world! hope more people get into it this way!

kingrj3259d ago

Does anyone watch toonami now? All their shows are onlinen legally

Romudeth3259d ago

True but for me, I prefer to watch these shows on my TV instead of on my PC monitor.

tayz3259d ago

i've hooked my computer to my 60 inch TV. Naruto has never looked smexier :)

tayz3259d ago

people that are up late and have never seen it before! I think this will stick it to those dumb people who are like "naruto is just a kids show".

They will see the word "Adult Swim" since that's what Toonami is on these days and be like ok let me watch this! And then they'll love it for all it's awesomeness!

kingrj3259d ago

I've done the same. I dl naruto in 720p sbd play it on my hd tvmm ihave netflix for part 1

noxeven3258d ago

wonder if they will actually finish naruto now and move on to shipudden for everyone that doesn't have Disney xd

DoomTater3258d ago

Well, Disney still has the rights to Shippuden but hopefully they realize that it's rightful place is with Toonami.

Are_The_MaDNess3258d ago

i think il stick with the combo of Torrents, Plex Media server to the PS3 on my new projector :P