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Naruto Storm 3 – Kinkaku and Ginkaku Confirmed

A brand new scan from Shonen Jump has been revealed. It confirms the Gold and Silver brothers will be in Naruto Storm 3.

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tayz3249d ago

finally they are confirmed, but if they arent playable i will jump off a bridge!!

crxss3248d ago

of course they'll be playable. Control yourself lol

maximus19853247d ago

tayz how far do you think this naruto games story will go? im hoping to naruto full biju vs other 5 bijuu. dare i dream up to tobi revalation :)

tayz3247d ago

duuuuuude that would be freaking awesome!!! 10 bux says they will be stingy tho and only go up to the point right before madara comes.

kingrj3249d ago

They have health bars, they are playable.

tayz3248d ago

oops i clicked agree -_-'

but those health bars are for the boss battle. like bosses have health too! i was staring at the scan and the models look good, they will 99% be playable. CC2 is just being stingy with complete reveals.

koga883247d ago

This is turning into the Dynasty Warriors or Naruto games where you'll be able to play as every character who had more than one chapter huh?

maximus19853247d ago

well its kinda true but these 2 are powerful and relevant enough to the story to warrant being playable villans. notice the reveals are going slowly deeper into were the anime left off. im really hoping it atleast makes it to madara vs kages