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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure enters Battle Tendency

The Phantom Blood arc of the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure anime series concluded in epic fashion last week, wrapping up the story of Johnathan Joestar and his bloody war with the definition of evil Dio Brando. Now that Part 1 has been completed the anime will begin to adapt Part 2, the Battle Tendency arc.

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futurefrog3246d ago

joseph joestar is really a badass

Simon_Brezhnev3246d ago

Yeah i hope this be an ongoing show. This is one of the few series that a lot of current shounen manga took ideas from.

koga883246d ago

Is this thing supposed to be a two-cour show or something that is going to continue past 24 episodes? Not a fan of this but I'm looking forward to it ending so another show can take its air time.

futurefrog3246d ago

LOL what an ass. This looks to be an ongoing show. Currently locked in for 26 episodes and judging by sales it will go far beyond that.

mamotte3246d ago

Why? Do you see it in real time?