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The World God Only Knows Anime Gets 3rd Season & Spinoff OVA

2013's combined 2nd/3rd issue of Shogakukan's Weekly Shonen Sunday magazine is announcing on Wednesday that production on a third anime season of The World God Only Knows has been green-lit. Production on a spinoff original video anime about the idol character Kanon has also been green-lit. Both projects are inspired by Tamiki Wakaki's The World God Only Knows manga series.

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ExCest3244d ago

Excellent! Waiting for this.

Gekko3244d ago

This is great news but I'm pretty sure they hinted this at the end of season two.

Archaic3243d ago

Hinted, yes, but it was never certain. The disc sales were pretty bad for both it and the original season. Presumably the merchandise sales (and increased manga sales) made up for that enough.