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“Nekomonogatari” To Have Separate TV Series?

A magazine has listed “Nekomonogatari: Black“, the next hotly awaited installment of the infinitely popular “-monogatari” series, as a “TV” series – indicating that a full anime may arrive after the initial OVA.

If that indeed proves true, it would certainly be reason to rejoice – and it’s also reason to contemplate as surely not all have read the light novels. The item to wonder is why this specific branch, unlike the two “-monogatari” has already offered thus far, takes a separate route and becomes several works rather a single. On the other hand, the series being something other than a typical 12 to 15 episode TV affair is already quite intriguing as well.

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shossofe3244d ago

Why is this a rumour? Wasn't this already announced to be a series? Or am I just missing something here?

Archaic3243d ago

It's been announced to be a 4 episode OVA, there's been nothing confirmed on it getting a TV version as of yet.