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Hunter x Hunter enters Greed Island arc

This week marked the conclusion of arguably one of the greatest shonen anime story arcs of all time in Hunter x Hunter’s York New City Arc. With one arc ending another begins and NTV have already begun the big sell for the Greed Island arc, the infamous story arc Togashi’s manga that popularized the ‘inside a video-game’ type storylines in anime and manga.

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masterabbott3244d ago

hunter x hunter .. why does everyone like it so much?

futurefrog3244d ago

because its fucking amazing!

wishingW3L3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

it's good if you're into Naruto and that kind of stuff. They fight, they train and they use especial powers based on chakra/ki or however you want to call it. The new updated series is kinda bad though since they censored everything....

Simon_Brezhnev3243d ago

I like it a lot more than Naruto. There is no friend getting hurt power ups. They know their limits.

lionxkami3243d ago

y does everybody like a 13 year old girl named naruto?

Trunkz Jr3242d ago


Give it a chance, it's an awesome series.

Archaic3241d ago

It's a classic shounen series. It appeals to the same kind of anime fans who would tend to like things like DBZ, Bleach, and Naruto.

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koga883244d ago

I wonder if the anime will catch up to the chimaera ant arc before the author returns from his latest batch of haituses.

futurefrog3244d ago

well the end of the ant arc is more than 2 years away so unless he goes on a VERY long hiatus, it should be fine.

Simon_Brezhnev3243d ago

I'm not sure if it will be 2 years. I mean in the 1999 version this is episode 70. 2011 its episode 58.

Well i hope they dont rush it. Since im waiting for him to come off hiatuses.

DEATHxTHExKIDx3243d ago

Very excited to see this. FIRST COMES ROCK!!

CLOUD19833243d ago

I try to read the manga past Greed Island when the old anime ends & it was teribad.. I couldn't keep reading I wonder what happen to the author & turn it from a super-awesome anime to such a boring one.. what a shame.

Simon_Brezhnev3243d ago

I heard the samething so i skipped that whole arc. I did read the arc after that though and i liked it.