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Hot And Sexy Jinri Park Cosplays Megumi Oka of Voltes V

Aniplogs: ''New generation of Otaku could probably forgotten or haven't even heard of the anime "Voltes V". One of the hit anime who aired on the 70's in Japan. Although anime is quite old it has been popular in the 90s era in the Philippines and still today the memories of the mecha series has always been cherished. To those who are new to it may found this cosplay by Jinri Park bizarre or mysterious but for Filipino fans I'm sure they're clamouring with happiness as they've witnessed one of the best cosplay out there for Megumi Oka, one of the heroines of the series.

Jinri Park is one of the most popular models in the Philipines today and I think fans need more pictures of her doing cosplay of different anime characters. The good news is... Jinri Park just announced an upcoming project of hers where she will cosplay Fujiko Mine of Lupin III. But before that happens we'll leave this gallery of her.''

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