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Sexy Santa costumes revealed for Dead or Alive 5's Christmas Costume DLC

Just in time for the holidays, Tecmo Koei has announced some Santa DLC costumes for most of their fighting cast.

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koga883759d ago

It's a real shame that these outfits weren't released for free considering they literally all look the same from these images. The only ones that are slightly different are the male costumes.

That being said, I'm not surprised Tecmo decided to lure people into picking up some DLC to see their favorite girls fighting in Santa outfits. Or guys I guess.

Anyone find it funny that the girls' costumes are sold in packs of three while the guys are bundled into a six pack? They know their audience...

LinkageAX3759d ago

It could make for a decent christmas present. :P

ReconHope3759d ago

Yeah might as well, won't make anysense playing with costumes anyother time of the year.

masterabbott3759d ago

this s a pretty good DLC pack.