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“Sword Art Online” Ep 25 Pre-Release Images

Sword Art Online’s pre-release images for the final episode merely mimic the PV – the social outcast Kirito goes on a mission, inevitably succeeds, and walks off into the pixelated universe with Sandwich-kun.

With these stills revealing not a single new frame, one can only presume the situation is that this all occurs like a slideshow with five second intervals between frames – or perhaps A-1 Pictures came to realize that after 24 debacles, they still have nothing of value to show, making the final episode a five minute video or the sort. Or wait, it could just be that the final chapter will be the episode PV – bloated with vain, time-wasting conversations and yelling.

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mysterious1233318d ago

Yes we can all agree but this website is the only site that makes bad reviews on sword art online. This website is strict, and take anime very seriously. On the bright side, this anime was by far the best for 2012.