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Naruto Storm 3: Team Kakashi vs Team Hawk, Sand Siblings Screenshots

6 new screenshots from Naruto Storm 3 have been released

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tayz3321d ago

i first thought they had Naruto KCM Level 2! lol but it was just him glowing

Gregard3321d ago

I was hoping for that too Tayz! I still remember when they first announced this game. They said they were going to wait until the anime ends or something like that. I was excited because at the very least there would be a lot of covered content in the game.

But now.... with all the anime fillers and stuff, we barely get a content update! Sad :*(

kingrj3321d ago

It looks like they added extra moves for the supports. Kakashi is doing a lightning upper cut

tayz3321d ago

i think those are the new team attacks! it would be cool if there is a new move too!!