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Bleach the Movie: Hell Verse Review [Capsule Computers]

Travis Bruno of Capsule Computers writes:

" Bleach the Movie: Hell Verse gets the job done by providing plenty of high-impact battles with Ichigo and his friends battling against a whole new set of enemies with a slew of strange powers. However outside of one twist, the movie does little to surprise the viewer or develop the characters in any meaningful way outside of some minor drama. This means that viewers can find beautifully animated battle-sequences strung around a rather rudimentary side-story into a new world never before explored in Bleach but unfortunately that is all."

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koga883272d ago

At least in the other movies they explored either what-if scenarios with the main group of characters or explored side-characters such as Hitsugaya. This one sounds like it's just an action fest for the sake of action.


it's just a scenerio that didn't quite fit well into the story. i mean it's hell , what else is there to do , you just have to excape and sht