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Looking East / Scriptwriter Talks About The Early Days of Anime

Takamasa Sakurai:

I'm writing this column in an airplane flying back from Moscow, the host city for this year's fourth annual J Fest. Aimed at introducing modern Japanese culture, the event has attracted 20,000 people this year. Its success owes a great deal to Russians' love for anime.

Japanese creators broke with the convention that "animation is for kids" and pursued the full potential of the genre's visual expressivity. Such a change has led to the development of a global following. But why did anime's creators take this turn?

Scriptwriter Masaki Tsuji knows how anime was developed. The TV man, born in 1932, created many scripts of such original manga as Astro Boy, Jungle Emperor Leo, Princess Knight and Triton of the Sea, as well as those of popular TV anime including Sazae-san and 8 Man. He is currently one of the original storywriters for Meitantei Conan (Case Closed).

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ReconHope3323d ago

thankfully anime has been melded to have more mature audiences.