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Bleach, One Piece Authors Draw Ichigo, Luffy

In order to promote Shonen Jump Alpha, which will have a simultaneous release with Japan beginning January 21, Viz Media has released the authors of Bleach and One Piece drawing their respective series’ main character! These were originally release a while back for Shonen Jump Alpha members, but Viz Media has now put them on their YouTube channel for everybody to enjoy.

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XTGamers2576d ago

It's times like these i wish i could draw this well, amazing

Simon_Brezhnev2576d ago

Some other artist that can draw way better are Boichi and Jin-Hwan Park. They do work for Sun Ken Rock and The Breaker. I just started reading it last week and was amazed at the detail.

XTGamers2576d ago

Yes of course this isn't the absolute best drawing i've seen, but still, look at Tite Kubo, it's amazing how simple it seems to be, and yet, at least I could never do it.

Simon_Brezhnev2576d ago

True Tite is the best drawer out of the big 3. I remember reading an interview with him saying. If he listens to music while he draws it affects him. lol

Simon_Brezhnev2576d ago

People might not like Bleach but Tite can draw.

Lord_Sloth2576d ago

Agreed. I liked Bleach until the end of the SS arc. Then it began to annoy me and I stopped during the fullbring arc. That said, Kubo still has some great art.

Honest_gamer2576d ago

READ IT AGAIN you have no idea how good it has gotten during the 1000 year war arc >< so good, imo i think it's the best arc so far, and by far ~SPOILERS~ people actually die :O and not just small characters

tachy0n2576d ago

bleach is coming back? fap fap?

ApolloTheBoss2576d ago

I thought they were going each others' main character. That would be awesome.