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A Mod That Turns Minecraft Creepers Into Anime Girls Like The Ones In Visual Novels

Patricia Hernandez:

Here is a mod by Minecraft forum user Flammarilva which allows you to talk to Minecraft creepers/mobs... because the mod turns them into anime girls much like the ones you'd find in a Japanese visual novel. You can defeat (or befriend!) the mobs by speaking to them. There are multiple dialogue options and everything. Watch above.

Yes, this mod is from June 2012. I came across it only yesterday via Twitter, where people were absolutely baffled that something like this even exists.

It would be easy to make fun of the mod, much like I made fun of the idea of perpetually sweating in yesterday's post about Skyrim's sexy sweat mod. I mean, sure, it's kind of hilarious and ridiculous in a 'oh, the things people think of' kind of way, but I think there is a fascinating subtext here. Let's dig in.

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ExCest2570d ago

This. Looks. So. Odd.