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Anime similar to SAO(Sword Art Online)

Recently I have seen this topic on the internet, like “What animes are like SAO” or “Something similar to SAO” or “SAO related animes ” and I wanted to answer this topics, that SAO fans will stop searching and watch this animes I will write here before SAO season 2 will be released….

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ZetsubouJ2736d ago

Dude, .Hack did come first. The first light novel for SAO came out in April of 2009, where .Hack came out in June of 2002. And even if the SAO light novel did come before .Hack by a few months (which it didn't) .Hack went in to development in early 2000.

And, you shouldn't call .Hack "rubbish" and not explain your reasoning.

Also, if you're going to recommend anime similar to SAO that aren't online game based, then why say things like Fate and Hunter, instead of some Sword and Sorcery animes. You know, anime that thematically similar to SAO.

animebreak2736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

I informed myself that SAO came out in 2002 and months later .hack was realeased, and yea, my opinion about .hack is very bad, i can say that i HATE hack...People who search animes like SAO don't look for the same storyline with a mmo game and swords and stuff like that, they search for one with similar genres and good action like in SAO...please don't comment more, I already know you hate SAO... i checked again the date SAO came out, and after wikipedia you're right...

ZetsubouJ2736d ago

My hatred of SAO has nothing to do with my assessment of your article.

It's fine to say you hate .Hack, but to call it "rubbish" and not defend your stance or explain your reasoning makes your "critique" nothing more than mudslinging.

Swords and Sorcery is a genre!! It is in fact the same genre as SAO!

animebreak2736d ago

Ok, let's say i was wrong when i said about .hack, i don't want to grow a bigger hate for .hack now...that was my opinion, FOR ME THAT ANIMES ARE ALMOST THE SAME...

Mounce2734d ago

animebreak, stop digging yourself a bloody fucking hole.

Your remind me of Sergey from the shitpile that was The War Z who'd not just straight up say he was wrong and arrogant, obnoxious too ontop of it.

Opinions aren't formed from ones ass, thin air, or cannot accumulate and be solid without Reasoning, rational thinking, cognitive thought and EVIDENCE. As Zetzu was saying, it just becomes something else entirely, but not an 'Opinion'. So saying 'That was my opinion' is an idiots method of saying that you want your Words to be glorified and Warranted enough just because it came from You?

Vanity problems much? That and self-esteem.

Be careful how you speak...

Mounce2734d ago

From - animebreak - 3h ago

Listen up!

It seems you're a real PC kid...youre tellming me what Zetsu said, please don't be that scary :))), boy, you can't be a man, i jsut started this anime article making stuff and i'm doing my best, if you can't live a normal life and you're stuck into animes is ok, you don't look smart if you tell me what zetsu said...get a life kid and then try to comment on my oppinion, and yea, with hack and sao i was wrong, i informed myself inccorect so go fuck yourself!


Just to go to show how immature this animebreak is. I see he took this to PM's to show his true nature because he didn't want to embarrass himself infront of those who're still around here. Everyone have a nice day. :)

ZetsubouJ2734d ago

Yeah, animebreak did the same PM thing to me, though his message to me was more polite.

Animebreak is just a 21 year old kid with limited knowledge of the anime medium and a lot of opinions about it... which might make him the perfect candidate to be an internet journalist.

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pompombrum2735d ago

There is nothing like SAO that I've seen.. stuff like the Fate series is absolutely nothing like SAO.

r212735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

I was expecting One piece, Bleach, etc similiraties thanks to the image header :L Boy was I misled.

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