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Best Anime of 2012 - Anime Say! Episode 22

"Welcome to Capsule Computers’ weekly anime segment, Anime Say! For the first episode of 2013 I discuss the best anime of 2012. What made the cut? Watch on to find out."

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futurefrog2885d ago

I gotta say these were definitely deserving series, i think that space brothers should have been in top 5 but oh well. Really been amazing year of anime

anime_swag_pro2885d ago

I agree. You are soooooo right.

koga882885d ago




Most of the shows mentioned were either boring or forgetful. I mean, really JoJo? Hell except for a couple of these series this may as well be Shonen series of the year awards. Outside of Accel World, Aquarion Evol and that My Little Monster series, everything else I dropped or simply passed up since it was just boring looking.

futurefrog2885d ago




JoJo is awesome! I disagree on your statement this it is shonen of the year awards, the top 5 anime only 1 of them is shonen, runners up had shonen, but not the actual award only had 1 which is jojo. I think it was a very varied and interesting list personally :)

anime_swag_pro2885d ago

You really don't know anything about anime. At all.

ManDemon2885d ago

Would have thought to see Sword Art Online somewhere in the list. Had a friend at work ask every day if I'd started watching it yet.

ExCest2884d ago

Well, Sword Art Online was a huge disappointment so that explains it.

anime_swag_pro2885d ago

SOunds like a good list to get me back into anime this year.