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Baka and Test: Season Two Review [Capsule Computers]

Travis Bruno of Capsule Computers writes:

"Viewers will find themselves more than happy to repeat a year and experience Baka and Test once again as Baka and Test Season Two takes everything that made the first season great and does it even better this time around. By moving the focus away from the battles and more onto character interaction, viewers are treated to an entertaining cast of characters that work so well together it will be impossible not to laugh at their misfortunes or become enthralled whenever things turn serious. With magnificent animation and character design, a stellar English cast and the well-developed cast, Baka and Test Season Two deserves high marks in almost every way."

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masterabbott2573d ago

dont like this anime, never really got into it. found it very boring.

Ryder492573d ago

Looks like an interesting anime. The battle system looks pretty cool.

koga882573d ago

I already got my copy in the mail, and yes I can confirm that they do have a labeling issue with the DVDs at least, but at least all the content is there. That being said, I was disappointed a bit that they didn't focus on the whole battling more this time around, though this did give them more time to focus on the humor and the great cast of characters so that more than made up for things.

DivineHand1252572d ago

well deserved. I hope there will be a season 3 coming out very soon.

ExCest2572d ago

We can hope. We can only hope.