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Naruto Storm 3 – Official Box Art Confirmed (North America)

The official North American box art for Naruto Storm 3 has been confirmed! It mirrors the Final European Box Art which features Naruto, Sasuke, Rinnegan Tobi, Snake Cloak Kabuto, and some of the Bijuu. It also includes a nice little logo that says “3D Compatible” to promote Naruto Storm 3′s eye-popping visuals with 3D televisions!

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tayz2566d ago

i'm very happy about this box art. it will look nice next to storm 1, 2, and gen :)

ZeroChaos2565d ago

No offense but it looks like a cluster f**k.

maximus19852565d ago

i disagree. its giving you masked man sasuke and kabuto on the right to show key antagonists and all 6 tailed beasts on the left that naruto will be dealing with for the first AND final time. For me it gives me a great picture of how much this game is covering and im very happy about it