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Shin Sekai Yori Ep. 13 & 14: “Reunion” + “Snowflakes”

Oprainfall writes:

"Hey, fellow Shin Sekai Yori watchers! It’s 2013 and we’re right back at it as the show rolls on. What will the gang of Group 1 do now that Mamoru has gone missing? Will they find him? Or will the various village committees beat them to the punch? No time to stop now, here we go!"

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deep_fried_bum_cake2567d ago

I just caught up with the last few episodes of this, and I must say that it is quickly becoming one of my favourites.

The show had a slow start but it's getting more exciting and interesting. Especially the latest episode (15).

I though it was interesting to see how ruthless the education committee is in the 14 episode. I really wished that woman would just go off somewhere and die.