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Unohana Vs Kenpachi: Did Unohana do Something to Kenpachi? Bleach 524 Review

From "Bleach 524 manga chapter was recently released. And it was an great battle between the two vicious Kenpachis, Captain Unohana “First Kenpachi” vs Zaraki Kenpachi. Zaraki, as usual, swings his sword with all his might, using only one hand, but Unohana was faster and more skilled with using the sword. Who do you think will win? Will Kenpachi finally learn the way of the sword? Does Unohana need to sacrifice her life for Kenpachi’s sake? Please continue reading my Bleach 524 review below."

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koga882559d ago

Now show us on the doll where she touched you...

Simon_Brezhnev2558d ago

He probably lost a lot of memories.

VitaOwner2558d ago

I originally thought that Zaraki was sensing Unohana's murderous intent, but upon second review, it could go deeper than that based on what Unohana was saying. She has some strong convictions about Zaraki, and the mystery should be uncovered in the upcoming flashbacks.

MoreRPG2558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

even if zaraki use kendo against Unohana he wont able defeat her. she is way to skilled to be defeated with just brute force.

Mounce2557d ago

They'd not get rid of Kenpachi'd cause way too much fan backlash, rofl.

As much as Unohana is interesting and clearly very skillful.... I find it "WTF" material to believe that as strong as Kenpachi was perceived, he not only lost during the fight in the Shinigami world....but he lost to the fucking FALSE 'Final Boss of Bleach'....That's a cockslap to Kenpachi fans imho....he was used as a tool to demonstrate the monstrous power that is the Real Final Boss of Bleach, so that even a man such as he lost to a Fake-Final Boss. I'm glad he didn't die there but, he'll find a way to win.... just how....maybe in a near dying moment, he'll finally be able to speak to his Zanpakuto......that'd be the only way he can Anime-logically become stronger and overpower without dying.

Simon_Brezhnev2557d ago

I doubt that guy is the real final boss. I dont trust the RG or the Soul King. He's probably blood related to Ichigo.

MoreRPG2557d ago

i can't see one of them dying in this training. we haven't seen unohana in a proper fight (she knows she shouldn'd kill kempachi) and kempachi won't die because doesn't have the balls to do it.

Mounce2557d ago

@Simon_Brezhnev - I don't trust the Soul King either, but the creator DID say this is the last Arc, and the arc involves the 'Final Boss' guy and his army, unsure how they could just defeat the 'Final Boss guy' and then have the Soul King be represented as another 'Boss' without it becoming an entirely new Arc in itself, because am sure Ichigo wouldn't just be able to go and fight him by all means or defeat him by some intent of his being corrupted or something, without it taking a lot of episodes that would be arc-worthy.... idunno.

@MoreRPG - I honestly would think Unohana will die or, just be the one to get seriously injured and almost die before being saved by her apprentice at the last second or something.... People already have died in Bleach so I'd personally think no one is out of reach from death necessarilllyy since it's nearing the end. Oh well, only time will tell!

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