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Magi is Like Being Showered in Pure Imagination (And it’s Only Half Done) | Kotaku

Richard Eisenbeis:

From Lodoss War to Slayers, Claymore to Berserk, there are a lot of fantasy anime out there. But for better or worse, a large chunk of fantasy anime are built around the Western-based fantasy framework—with knights, dragons, wizards, castles, and princesses populating these tales. But this year, one of the most popular anime currently airing in Japan is Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic—an anime based not on Western fantasy but on Middle-Eastern fantasy. And not only is it a breath of fresh air for fantasy anime in general, but also it's easily one of the most creative anime I have ever seen (and it's only half done).

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Simon_Brezhnev2555d ago

I just know the manga is pretty damn good. It's only getting better what i like about Magi is there is really no good and evil in a lot of stuff.