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Bleach And Gintama Mangaka Take A Break For 1 Week Due To Flu

Ant: ''As you’ll already notice, that Bleach is not on this week release as Naruto Chapter 619 and One Piece Chapter 698 english scan already released, but just in case if someone still wonder why Bleach is not released yet, so I’ll inform you now…

For this year’s 11th Shueisha’s Weekly shōnen Jump magazine is reporting that the Bleach and Gintama manga are taking a week off, because their creators Tite Kubo and Hideaki Sorachi dealing with influenza. As a result, it was difficult for them to draw for the latest chapters. The magazine apologized to its readers and added that both manga will return in the next issue.''

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DEATHxTHExKIDx2263d ago

The life of a mangaka is hard.