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Deadman Wonderland Review [The Pantless Anime Blogger]

One day, Ganta Igarashi went from being a normal boy to becoming the only survivor of a massacre of thirty nine students. A floating creature attacked his classroom and somehow spared his life. His luck was bad though because people now consider him the killer. He is innocent though but the rest of the world isn’t convinced. He is sentenced to death and will now serve his time in the only business owned prison in Japan. It serves as an amusement park and a jail where visitors are entertained by the inmates. This place is called Deadman Wonderland. This place is too much for a normal kid though and Ganta’s life is about to be turned upside down as he steps in what can be considered hell on earth.

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Megaton3429d ago

Didn't care for this one much. Thought it started out good, but really took a nose dive after the first couple eps and didn't even have much of an ending.

ExCest3429d ago

I thought this show was good but it started to lose traction towards the end.