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Rooster Teeth’s Anime-Inspired ‘RWBY’ Is Colorful And Action-Packed

Sam Gutelle: ''Rooster Teeth is commonly thought of as a bunch of dorky dudes making jokes about video games, but an upcoming series on the group’s channel will take things in a completely different direction. Rooster Teeth is the home of RWBY, an upcoming, action-packed anime centered around four colorful characters.

The first trailer for RWBY (pronounced ‘ruby’) debuted several months ago, and centered around a boyish, red colored character who wields a badass scythe gun (yes, scythe gun is the best description I can come up with.) This time around, the action moves to a white character with a magical sword. You see, RWBY stands for Red White Black Yellow, and it will focus on four characters, each one with a unique, color-coded personality and fighting style.''

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I should be the color black just saying......