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Dengeki Daisy First Impressions - The Nerd Cabinet

Joey shares his views on Dengeki Daisy after reading 25 chapters.

"Recently I have really been into my Comedic-Shōjo manga, which is aimed at 15+ Girls but if you ask me, all the Shōjo manga I have read are great for anyone interested in the stories. Dengeki Daisy is about halfway into its fifth year of being published in the monthly Betsucomi, and while it is going strong, I learnt early on that the manga was only supposed to last around 3 chapters, so it must of been extremely popular."

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Gekko3423d ago

I have to admit, I couldn't help but laugh when the writer said ''aimed at 15+ girls''. I remember reading this manga years ago when it was still fairly new. I'm surprised that it's still continuing.

For anyone that's interested in reading this, beware of spoilers.

Saviior953423d ago

I probably should of mentioned the spoilers. They really don't need to label Shojo's demographic as Girls anymore, I know loads of guys that love Shojo :)