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Review: Is this a Zombie? | Japanator

Salvador G-Rodiles: ''When it comes to zombies, my interest levels tend to drop below ground level. While I do enjoy a good gore fest or survival tale, the concept of the undead doesn't do it for me anymore. Then I was hit in the face by Is this a Zombie?, an anime that features a strange mix of magical girls and zombies.

Armed with a new level of curiosity, Is this a Zombie? might be the right remedy that could renew my interest in the brain eating horrors that many know and love. Will Is this a Zombie? come out as an enjoyable piece, or will this series rot with the rest of the discarded corpses?

Let's find some refuge, as we take a look at the magical hijinks found in Studio DEEN's anime series that's based on a light novel by Shinichi Kimura.''

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D3acon3421d ago

I loved this anime however I will say some of the joke are a bit too lude at times. In the end I feel it is very enjoyable I hope the secind season will be released and dubbed soon.