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New Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods Scans Reveals Super Saiyan God

New scans of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods have been released! They teases something beyond a Super Saiyan 3 – a Super Saiyan God!

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tayz2069d ago

The level of epicness just might be OVER 9000!!!! I wonder what it will look like!? Longer Hair!? No eyes!? Argh we wont be able to find out until like a year cause we not in Japan *cry*

adorie2068d ago (Edited 2068d ago )

I'm hyped for this. If true, then I want to see SSG and Bils go at it so rough, that their blows destroy the planet, and are forced to fight throughout the galaxy, destroying planets in their wake, then, after Bils is defeated, use the Dragon Balls to wish it all back.

Xanatos2068d ago

Maybe its a permanent transformation, gokus story ending with him becoming a god would be pretty epic.

WitWolfy2068d ago

Well according to lore.. Every time Goku reaches a new level of SSJ he loses control, like the power takes over... Look at the Super Android 17 movie... After he absorbed the Spirit bomb he looked like he lost his mind for a while thanks to all that energy...

My question is how bad is, is he gonna snap when he goes SSG, lose control completely, or find a way to harness it into his Ki?

As predictable as a new DBZ movie is, I cant help getting excited to see how he handles his new level of super saiyan power!!!

ironfist922068d ago

I wonder how SSG mode will compare to SS4

Also, what bothered me is that Goku was apparantely the first saiyan since the legends spoke of another Saiyan thousands of years ago to unlock true super saiyan mode.

So...where does Broly fit into that, or even if is he a SSG himself?

KwietStorm2068d ago

I always took it as they just didn't know about Broly, since his father kept his crazy ass hidden away, and with good reason. Everyone thought he and his father were dead anyway, after King Vegeta ordered them killed, right?

Hooby2068d ago (Edited 2068d ago )

The movies are non-canon. They take place in parallel universe to the series, essentially. Except for this new one, it seems, since Akira Toriyama is on board.

Goku WAS the legendary super saiyan. The series was originally going to end after the namek saga, so you can see how certain concepts got thrown out the window.

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