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Naruto Shippuden March 2013 Schedule – Fillers Return

Naruto Shippuden fans, after a month and a half of canon excitement, the fillers have returned. The March 2013 schedule calls for four episodes of filler action. The first three episodes in the month deal with the resurrection of the Sound Four, who have been resurrected through Edo Tensei, once again confronting Shikamaru, Neji, and Kiba. Episode 306 deals with a Hyuga family filler.

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tayz2522d ago

NOOOOOOOOOO! This was the month Madara was supposed to come! *cry* *cry* *cry*

kingrj2521d ago

Wow this is the last thing I expected. Fillers now? Why!?

tayz2521d ago

I dunno man..they are on some crack! They could have waited for fillers and shown everything up to Sage Kabuto so he could be in Storm 3, but no they decide to screw us over with fillers. *kicks wall*

Simon_Brezhnev2519d ago

See i told you they would do fillers again. It never fails when the manga is done. They will do what they did with DBZ gt.

maximus19852521d ago

fillers right before madara reveal UNbelievable! the game releases in april for japan right? maybe they are saving the reveal for them to concide with the games release.

tayz2521d ago

that's very stupid of them to do that if thats what they are doing. they could have went to Sage Kabuto and then included him in the game too. CC2 is being jerks!!!!

maximus19852521d ago

yeah man i hear ya. i highly doubt well be seeing sage kabuto. but i will say this, they are doing lots of dlc (more than i remember in past storms)so i wouldnt be surprised if he was dlc along with unmasked man

pompombrum2520d ago

The last thing you expected? This is Naruto, always expect fillers when you least expect them. They better be good ones, I'm getting really fed up with all these fillers half of which are just plain terrible. So much expanded universe, so many possible storylines they could focus on. Sadly, I bet the sound four battles will be 50% flashbacks to their previous fights, 45% talk and 5% action.

VitaOwner2521d ago

Sure am glad I read the manga. i just started watching the anime again cause the fillers ended but they are bringing them right back. Well, back to just reading the manga till this ends

TopDudeMan2520d ago

Aww, it's been so action-packed, too.

DivineHand1252520d ago

this is insanely stupid. They have enough content to last them until November and they still think they need to add fillers.

Simon_Brezhnev2519d ago

Thats why i dont watch the anime anymore. You know they milking it when they got 2 Naruto shows airing at the same time. Not even the more popular One Piece got that.

If the manga does end this year the anime will last another 5 years.

DivineHand1252519d ago

" If the manga does end this year the anime will last another 5 years."

This is funny because its probably true.

Simon_Brezhnev2519d ago

LOl its true though. They will do a Dragonball Gt. Naruto is making them so much money they will milk it til its dry. We cant complain we have been milking superman, batman, and spiderman for 60 years. LOL