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Why Do We Watch Anime?

lostty: ''Kai of Deluscar has decided to ask the classic question to her readers about why we watch anime. I feel like I’ve wondered about this in the past and may have even given a simple answer before, but I figured this may finally be a good opportunity to really get to the route of as to why.''

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Megaton3413d ago

For entertainment. Same reason people watch TV and movies. I like a lot of the stories told in anime. They're more interesting than just about everything that comes from Hollywood these days.

Simon_Brezhnev3413d ago

I watch anime, tv shows, movies, kdramas, and cdramas. If its something i like i would give it a try.

ExCest3413d ago

For the lolis and bobs. Who needs story when you have children with oversized bobs?

IN REALITY: Entertainment. Whether it be what I said above (the perverts), the story, or the animation, all revolves around being entertained.

frjoethesecond3413d ago

I'm a pervert. Anime nudity FTW!!

Prev3410d ago

If we need to watch just TV we'll watch just TV! The Japanese culture has, in my opinion, something special, and that special thing stays in the anime and manga too! I personally like almost every anime because of the seriousity in it,they're not like any other TV show or, in the case of the OVAs, any other animated movie!