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Fairy Tail anime to end on March 30

It has been revealed that the Fairy Tail anime broadcast will be coming to an end.

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koga882645d ago (Edited 2645d ago )

Woah why the world are they ending it? It's one thing to do filler, they did a little bit of that to give the manga time to get ahead but they are starting to catch up now. They are in the middle of that huge Wizarding tournament, they can't just end it like that...

I mean, they did this with the Bleach anime and it's been a year now since it ended. I thought the Fairy Tail anime was really popular over there.

Simon_Brezhnev2645d ago

Even though i stop liking FT it shows you the only anime they care about in japan is Naruto. One Piece is more popular but yet Naruto got 2 shows airing and unlimited fillers.

gaffyh2645d ago

I was actually thinking earlier today, "I wonder if they'll do more filler or stop the anime like Bleach", and it seems like they're going the "Stop the anime for a while and bring it back in a few years" route.

This is a great show though, it's gotten a lot better recently, especially since the Tenrou arc, but I can see why they want to stop it. The filler was horrible, and I can see the same happening with Toriko when it catches up to the manga, because filler in that is absolutely terrible too.

I hope they do bring it back in 2 or 3 year's time though, because it doesn't look like the arc will end by March 30th.

Simon_Brezhnev2645d ago

Toriko is close but i dont think its that close. They still like 2 arcs behind. They do Toriko episodes like One Piece. They drag em out but its good in Toriko.

koga882644d ago

That's the thing, Naruto is so full of filler at times but continues to air. Now the Fairy Tail anime is going to need to have some filler and instead they full-on stop the anime? I hope the "good news" twitter post the author made is going to reference a return date at some time in the future.

discordman2645d ago

Sad news. Another one bites the dust.

getsu2645d ago

NOOO. This was my only favorite ongoing anime.

wishingW3L2645d ago

but manga will continue so I don't care. I haven't even watched the anime in like 2 years.

Saviior952645d ago (Edited 2645d ago )

I got a feeling that its because they want to get further in the manga and not have to use so much filler, if you think about it, they only recently had a filler arc, they just don't want to catch up to the manga.

It'll be back I expect, who knows when... It is a brilliant show.

What most likely happened is the station wanted the time slot for something else, I'm sure another place will pick it up soon, this has happened before with other anime.

ManDemon2645d ago

My thoughts exactly. It would be more surprising if the manga was ending. In my eyes an anime series ending while the manga is still ongoing is just a means to put it on the back burner until the manga is far enough to start meaningful episodes again.

supersonicjerry2643d ago

I wish that was the case with Air Gear. I also hope Fairy Tail comes back I personally love it more than naruto.

koga882644d ago

Mmm, that was what a lot of people were saying about the Bleach anime back when it was cancelled but that was about a year ago now. Sure the manga hasn't advanced too far, but still.

I'm hoping that it'll start back up in a few months once this current arc is over in the manga. If the anime was permanently ending they would have done it back when the seven year time skip happened.

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The story is too old to be commented.