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Fairy Tail author hints at good news and says “anime is not the end”

Fairy Tail's author Hiro Mashima has taken to Twitter to provide Fairy Tail fans some more assurance that the Fairy Tail anime may not be gone for good.

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koga882143d ago

As a lot of people mentioned earlier, this is probably just a temporary hiatus so that they don't throw a random filler arc in the middle of their current major story arc. Still sad to see it go for awhile but more shonen shows should follow this path rather than add useless filler.

kingPoS2143d ago

Glad to know there still plans on it being animated.

wishingW3L2143d ago

Aya Hirano must be crying of happiness because this was her only job as a seiyu ever since she ruined her career when it went public the fact that she had sex with all the members of her band.

pompombrum2143d ago

Lol only in Japan could something like that ruin your career. Hell, here in the UK, it seems to make you more famous.

ALICE6662143d ago

i had to lol at this comment...

grats anyways to hirano-san for hanging on by a thread to her seiyuu career. :)

SSJBen2142d ago

I didn't know this... now I'll think different of Lucy from now on~


ALICE6662143d ago


I love you Mashima.

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