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Oh My, How the Pokémon Anime Has Changed

The Pokémon anime debuted on Japanese television what seems like ages ago. The year 1996 is a distant memory. But last night, it came flooding back.

As previously mentioned, Ash's Charizard is returning to the Pokémon animated series as a regular character, er, Pocket Monster. What last night's episode illustrated was just how different the Pokémon anime looks all these years later. And does it ever.

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coolbeans2509d ago

I haven't watched any of the new stuff so I wouldn't know. :/

I would like to in the future though.

wishingW3L2509d ago

the tittle is sarcasm though. The new Pokemon season is still exactly as the old ones. Most episodes feel like deja-vu. Pokemon hasn't really changed....

coolbeans2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

Fault on my part for just stating that without clicking on the link (hesitant to do so with Kotaku articles). They do look mighty similar, but the older's hand-drawn artstyle shows some examples of amazing devotion.

Chidori2509d ago

I think this is actually a bad thing. But it's also the reason Pokemon continues to make all that money each generation, so I'm not gonna be mad about it. If Pokemon actually had a continuing plot with character development, the series probably wouldn't be able to appeal to that new generation of kids every few years. By visiting different regions, basically back to square one and keeping Ash and Pikachu at the helm of the series, millions of kids can hop on the Pokemon train for the first time with each new generation without feeling like they missed something. Smart business. But hell sometimes I wish Pokemon grew with me. I tried watching the first episode of Black and White when it first started, and it seemed to me that Ash was actually much younger in both body and mind than I last remember. Pikachu also lost to a starter Pokemon. It was like watching the very first episode of Pokemon all over again.

I couldn't take it.

FlameBaitGod2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

Dude fking tell me about it LOL, i did the same thing, pikachu should be lvl 100. Even if he couldn't use thunder hes tackle should of instant K.O him. When I saw that starter pokemon beating pikachu i was like.... f this crap lol!

smashcrashbash2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

It's changed for the worst that is for sure. It's like they don't even care about the plot anymore and just keep doing the same thing over and over again. This is basically every Pokemon season.Ash comes home drops off his Pokemon, goes on another journey, finds a girl and a guy that is an expert at something, they go to gyms and he spends a long time at certain ones because either the gym leader isn't there or he isn't strong enough to beat them at the time so has to learn a new technique, on ten way they find some plot with team Rocket or Team whoever to destroy, capture or use a legendary Pokemon so have to help stop them or the world might be destroyed, Ash reaches the finals of what ever League he has entered and either wins or loses and if he loses he shrugs it off and says 'Next time I will be even stronger'. And toss in a stubborn Pokemon that has a lot of power but is held back by it's refusal to obey someone in the group. Lather, rinse repeat. And each time he tosses aside his Pokemon for new one and whenever the tedium sets in the writers either bring back one of the Pokemon he had from before or they meet one of the girls they met before or make Ash suddenly seem childish and immature again.And they endlessly do this even when it has become complete drivel.