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Disney Turns Away From Hand Drawn 2D Animation And Why Anime Will Conquer The World Of 2D Animation

"You read the title of this article correctly. Yes Disney is really getting rid of their animators. In fact they began to get rid of their 2D animators back in 1995 when Toy Story was being develop (watch the Pixar documentary and you will see what I mean). Ever since that moment a decades ago when Disney saw the wonders of 3D animation with Toy Story and how much sales it brought to their company. Disney began to look down at 2D hand drawn animation. This is a slap in the face for Walt Disney. If he sees what people are doing with his company he would stick his shoes up their rear."

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GillHarrison2573d ago

Holy man, this article is trash. I don't mean the actual content but the quality of writing is abysmal.

Anyways, in order for anime to become a larger part of the hand-drawn film audience is to make more broad heartfelt films like the recent Wolf Children, The Children Who Chase Lost Voices, and anything by Studio Ghibli.

256bit2572d ago you really think todays anime is all hand drawn?

Flavor2572d ago

Oh yeah anime is really gonna take over, with its zero cashflow, graying talent base, shrinking market, and stagnated creativity.

How can an industry whose primary products are seen as free, streaming commodities by most of the earth 'take over'?

Anime was killed by lax IP law enforcement and the natural Japanese inclination to tread water and not take risks.

networkandy2572d ago

Yes however if you have notice hollywood is making anime even more popular with the recent live action films that have come out. The japanese are the only few craeting 2D animation cartoons. And no not all anime are made in 3D

Arcee2570d ago

Are you kidding me? Making it popular? More like turning people off of it with their abysmal adaptations of anime and misrepresentations of the medium with their works. Jeez, I thought the article was trash, but this last statement is even worse.

Arcee2570d ago

Seriously dude, you needed to do some fact checking before you posted that article: