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Indie Team Set Out to Create a New Otaku Documentary

Most Otaku and fans of anime find themselves feeling alienated when not around those who share the same interest as them when discussing anime as a whole. The main contributing factor to this is obviously the misunderstanding and misinterpretation of anime and its fandom, most people don’t fully understand the cultures and sub-cultures that are created and followed within the anime world.

A team of convention staff headed by Daniel D’Amours and Michelle Poshtar are both working on a project to in a sense right the wrongdoing and misconceptions of the general public and non-anime fans. The project they have been and hope to continue working on is a film entitled ‘OTAKU – A Film About Anime & Its Misunderstood Fandom’, it hopes to celebrate anime culture, whilst also investigating the popular misconceptions that people have about anime and its fandom.

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