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“To Love-Ru Darkness” Gets Another Anime

Shocking but true, it turns out that the oppai of To Love-Ru Darkness were popular enough to justify a second season – Jump SQ is promising further details on what further productions await within their May issue.

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koga882502d ago

Not much of a surprise really. The anime itself was pretty decent outside of all the light bar censorship. Plus considering it had that, the Blu-ray sales were pretty high. Also they have a lot of source material to still work from, especially if the anime isn't going to start until later in the year.

KuroNeko2496d ago

If by "a lot of source material" you mean "a lot of unoriginal and cliche H-moments" then yes. It has plenty of material to last for decades.

To be honest, they don't even need the manga. It doesn't take much skill to make "original" (meaning not adapted from the manga) episode since it only requires 1% of half-assed story and 99& fan-service.

People can hate all they want at me. It only proves my point.