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Anime Music Bootlegs: Figuring Out The Fakes From The Real Thing

Anime Instrumentality Blog: ''So maybe you’re at the stage of your anime fandom where you’ve begun to appreciate anime for more than just the plot or just the characters! Maybe you’ve gone and branched out into the musical side of the anime fandom; it might have been the catchy J-pop OP/ED that did it or perhaps it was the beautiful soundtrack that grabbed at your attention and kept you engrossed. Whatever it was, you then decided that you had to have the soundtrack CD so you could experience the wondrous memories of the anime by listening to the music. Not content to have a mere mp3 file, you decided to scour eBay or some online shop to get a physical CD. I mean, you love the music and want to make sure the artist gets a cut of it too, right? Then you went and shared the latest anime CD you’ve acquired by taking a picture of it and posting it on twitter… only for the recipient of the picture to bemoan the fact that you have purchased the dreaded bootleg music CD!''

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