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Is The Moe Ruining Anime - A3K Podcast

On the rerelaunch of the A3K Podcast, John-Paul and Sean look at Blood-C, Kotoura-san, Straight Title Robot, GJ Club, The Unlimited and respond to an article that tries to answer the question, "Is the Moe Ruining Anime?"

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koga882501d ago

Not too long ago people were saying that ecchi shows were ruining anime as well, and there are barely any of those to begin with. For every moe or ecchi show out there there are at least three from other genres that are represented.

KuroNeko2500d ago

I completely agree. People seem to be freaking out just because they see a few moe anime every season.

Of course there is. There has to be in order to maintain the balance between all the genres.

To be honest, I think they are just butthurt because moe anime such as K-ON! got (and still has) an enormous amount of attention despite not having much story to go from - something less typical in those days.

People need to accept that we cannot share the same opinions regarding what genres are entertaining to watch and what is not.