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Final Fantasy’s Lightning Doesn’t Like Sand — It’s Coarse, Rough And Irritating

Also there are sand dragon things, which are not soft and smooth. The latest batch of screenshots for Final Fantasy XIII Sequel Two: I Guess You Guys Wanted to Play as Lightning shows off the Dead Dunes, a land of dunes and deadness in the world of Nova Chrysalia.

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TheHergulaX3390d ago

The game looks impeccable, I dont care if people didnt like the FF13 games, I personally loved them, the characters, feeling and the graphics, and of course the gameplay, all worked well together. While they might not be the best Final Fantasy games ever created, they were incredibly well created and deserve another game.

Snow Villiers is just kick Fu***** Ass in those games, hard not to like him.

frjoethesecond3390d ago

Nice to see people who like the games. I don't think we're that rare either. I think the haters are just very vocal.

Honest_gamer3390d ago

I've liked every FF game i have played from 1 to 13-2, if i had to rate my top few it would be this

1 - ffx
2 - ff12 (what can i say? i loved the game)
3 - ff13-2
4 - ff7 - crisis core (dam that ending was amazing)
5 - ff8
6 - ff9
7 - ffx-2
last - ff7 (sadly the game is extreamly over hyped this could be because i originaly skipped it in the ps1 era and came back to it a year ago and thought, whats all the hype about?)

TheHergulaX3389d ago

Thats true, I fully agree with you.

Lavalamp3390d ago

The game looks great but some of Lightning's outfits look unnecessarily busy and impractical.

Blackpool3390d ago

I agree, but at least we'll be able to customize her outfits.