Anime Girl of the Week: Maou (Maoyuu Maou Yuusha)

Travis Bruno of Capsule Computers writes:

"This week we have a special character mostly because of her name. She is from the anime series Maoyuu Maou Yuusha and she is none other than the Maou herself. If her name seems a bit odd it is thanks to the fact that all of the characters in the source material for the series do not have specific names. Instead they are called exactly what they are, with the Maou being called the Demon King, the Hero simply being Hero, the princess of the dragon's being named Dragon Princess and so on."

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koga882500d ago

Wait what? I thought this was picked up for Western release by someone at least. I mean why the world wouldn't FUNimation pick this up? It's like Spice and Wolf with more action and there is a decent bit of fan-service there with the Demon Queen and Female Knight.

anime_swag_pro2500d ago

I actually like this one. Last week's was a little too young looking for me.

koga882500d ago

Eh, in Japan they have a lot of flat-chested girls that look a bit young, but if I remember correctly, the girl they did last week was a senior in high school or something similar to that. Then again, this one is so huge chested she could fill in for pretty much the whole cast of Love Live.

futurefrog2500d ago

wooooahh mama she is quite the... busty lady!

koga882500d ago

Indeed, the girls in the Senran Kagura anime have some pretty huge ones, but she probably has the biggest breasts of this entire anime season.

Subby2500d ago

She should get those checked out, might be malignant.

Hergula2500d ago

Im not going to lie, I clicked because of the boobs... the pic is just too tempting.

Qwerty912500d ago

I'm not going to lie too.

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