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What Went Wrong With Gundam Age?

Writer Kaushik details how Gundam Age seemed to have a lot of potential, but ultimately squandered it.

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Hergula2771d ago

Well AGE didn´t have much potential at all tbh. As a Gundam fanatic myself, I felt like the project was doomed from the get-go, the animation style already put everybody off and the childish theme of it didn´t help. While conceptually, I agree with you, the three generation idea is clever and well thought out yet it hardly felt like a Gundam show, partially because of that.

Either way, I did enjoy AGE, it was a good Mecha anime, yet far from a Phenomenal Gundam show, it was lacking in obvious areas. And now "Memory of Eden" was announced, I dont know why continue the saga which already ended beautifully. It seems like the creators have not looked at the ratings, cuz AGE did incredibly poorly compared to other Gundam Shows.

Nice read though, well written and good points given!

Simon_Brezhnev2770d ago

Everything went wrong. I dropped it after 2 episodes. I couldnt tolerate his annoying friend always getting in his way. I didnt like the chibi character design either.

krazykombatant2771d ago

Another anime to keep gundam seed destiny company.... yes I just admited destiny existed.

pinkyxyz2771d ago

destiny is the trash of the gundam series

Hergula2771d ago

While I do agree that Gundam Seed Destiny is incredibly flawed when it comes to creation, due to stock footage, and the story. Yet it is hardly as bad as Turn A, Gundam X, Gundam V were. Seed Destiny is just frowned upon because of the creative flaws, yet it still comes across as a Gundam show with great action scenes, interesting characters and an impeccable soundtrack.

Deadpool6162771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

I stopped paying attention to Gundam after Turn A, but Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn revived my interest in Gundam again.

It's just difficult to keep up with Gundam due to Bandai Entertainments distribution fumbling and eventual cancellation for North America releases.

Hergula2771d ago

But can you blame them? North America and Europe are filled with people that have such a specific taste that when something new comes along or different, they cant handle it, trash it.

Anime is something you have to be open-minded for to even watch... as there are so many different themes and sadly, people trash them without really understanding them.

Simon_Brezhnev2770d ago

Yeah i like Gundam Unicorn I just don't like the princess on the show. I can't wait for the final part.