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The Reasons Why An Anime Series Can’t Be As Popular As The Game Of Thrones

Nadav writes:"A few days ago while writing the Twelve Kingdoms Blu-ray review I was again troubled by one of the hardest questions anime fans and anime production companies all face. That question being: how come modern anime series never become big hits in the West? The Twelve Kingdoms, for example, is remarkably similar to the Games of Thrones TV series. So how come one slipped completely under the mainstream radar while the other took mainstream viewers by storm?
Let’s use these two series as representatives of their respective mediums and inspect what holds back anime from becoming a consistent blockbuster on American soil."

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TheHergulaX3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

This is the most ridiculous thing Ive ever read... Its like comparing a car to a monkey.

Also, if you think Game of Thrones is more popular than any anime series. You literally know very little about anime.

Also, why does an anime HAVE to be a blockbuster in America? Like, no one cares if it does have success in the States, atleast I dont. As long as good anime, get good ratings in Japan, Im good.

Many americans, not all, have ruined perfectly good anime for people in their own country and it saddens me, just by giving them a bad rep, my favorite "Gundam: Seed" being one of them. Yet in the country where it was created, it was not only a blockbuster, but it is one of the most awarded and praised anime shows in existence... ironic? Yes.

krazykombatant3340d ago

I really dont understand the reason for comparing one with the other

MangaTherapy3333d ago (Edited 3333d ago )

I think some folks just want anime to be successful overseas because they want others to see why it's amazing compared to other forms of media. Worldwide love = more money to anime industry like how DBZ, Pokemon, and Sailor Moon have become parts of American pop culture. Any extra income is a good thing.

Japan does care to a certain degree since they are still trying to find the next "big hit" and also working on that "Daisuki" initiative, though they have to be super-realistic about things. Japan can't focus too much on the past.