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RWBY from Rooster Teeth: PAX East 2013 | FTG Interview

FTG Writes: RWBY takes on an obvious anime-inspired art direction with a stylistic hand-drawn aesthetic. Each trailer for the four main characters have been getting their own release, of which three are now available after their recent PAX East Panel where the Black Trailer what just displayed. What makes these trailers stand out is not just the style of the art, but the smooth animations. The music is also perfectly attuned to scenes that allow elicit stirring emotions despite the limited voice acting currently being shown. The most recent trailer, Black, does feature voice acting and the shows will be voiced. As each trailer goes live it brings us closer to the reveal of RWBY at the Rooster Teeth Expo later this summer, so with just the Yellow Trailer remaining I for one am very excited to see the growing features and direction this show takes.

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