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Senran Kagura manga to be released in English

A listing on Amazon has revealed that one of the Senran Kagura manga will be released overseas later this year.

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koga883381d ago

I've barely heard of this Seven Seas company until earlier this year when they announced the whole Monster Musume localization. They seem to be picking up quite a few things and considering how much I enjoyed the anime, I'll certainly be picking up the manga.

futurefrog3381d ago

This is freaking awesome. Senran kagura is great fun

masterabbott3381d ago

Have to agree really big fan of Senran awesome news to start off my day!

koga883381d ago

Mhm, it's been a great series so far from everything I've seen. Sure it's a lot of breasts but nothing wrong with that in the end. Sad though that we're getting everything BUT the games that these adaptations are based off of.

Simon_Brezhnev3376d ago

I didnt like the anime it really felt like Ikki Tousen. I clumsy main characers. I'm glad Hyakka is back though.