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Capcom Reveals Gaist Crusher Anime, Game, Manga for Kids

ANN writes: "CAPCOM announced a cross-media production called Gaist Crusher as part of its CAPCOM Kids Project on Tuesday. CAPCOM is not only developing Gaist Crusher as a Nintendo 3DS action game for release this winter, but also as a manga, anime, and other forms of media.

In the story, Gaimetal, a metal ore with high amounts of pure energy, was discovered 50,000 meters (160,000 feet) underground in 2047, and mining began all around the world. However, Gaist, metallic lifeforms whose bodies are entirely encrusted with Gaimetal, emerged in 2055 and began attacking people. In 2064, Rekka, Hayato, Kurama, and Siren are among those who suit up in Gaist Gear and battle over 100 varieties of Gaist creatures.

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